Thursday, September 27, 2012

Peer Pressure Requires Proximity

I was so proud of myself tonight.  We had an early dinner, we (mostly) cleaned the kitchen, and the kids were bathed and in pj's by 6.  (Yes, 6!!)

I was working on the computer trying to get some transcript orders squared away (painful), Mick was doing whatever he does on the computer (reading gun stuff, I suspect -- which is technically working), and the kids were in their rooms making disaster areas playing nicely together.

WHM just came back out of CAM's room and walked past me and <<whew!>> boy, did he stink.  Dirty diaper immediately after bathtime?  Why, of course!  Why on earth would this happen before bathtime, silly?!

If you've been following along, you know that WHM has NO desire to potty train, and this has been somewhat problematic at his new school.  It's also been problematic at home, because Mick's fuse is shorter than mine when it comes to this, and occasionally WHM will not tell either of us his diaper is dirty because he's afraid to get yelled at.  (Not that Mick fusses all that much, but WHM's been hyper-sensitive lately and that's one more thing.  This is a topic for another post, but we're definitely experiencing some issues with WHM and his new Mommy's-at-work routine. He's having some major adjustment issues and, I think, some envy issues because every morning I take CAM to school but I've never taken WHM to school ... Anyway.  There's a lot going on and as I said, it's enough another post, another time.)

So now, every time I change a diaper, I talk to him about how he needs to tell Mommy or Daddy if he needs to sit on the potty.  His excuses vary... but the other day, he actually DID come to me to tell me he needed to sit on the potty.  Nothing happened, but that was huge progress!  Unfortunately, he's not done that again since.

Tonight, for some reason, the idea of peer pressure dawned on me.  Here's our conversation:

ME:  WHM, why didn't you tell me you had poops coming?
WHM:  I forgot.
ME:  You didn't forget, silly.
WHM:  I didn't want to.
ME:  You know, your friend Jackson goes on the potty...
WHM (not missing a beat):  Yes, but he's in Georgia.

Damn proximity issues.  I thought I was done worrying about them when I passed Civ Pro and Torts!



  1. We have been having some potty issues this week too that resulted in problems at school. SO stressful!!!

  2. He'll be citing jurisdiction next. Smart kid.