Friday, September 7, 2012

More on This Week

The other post wasn't very photo-filled, so I needed to break it up.

What else happened this week?

Well, CAM is loving kindergarten, and WHM started at his own new preschool this week!  It is almost nothing like where we had him in Georgia -- for starters, he's there half as much time as he'd have been in GA, but for the same price!  And he's expected to be potty trained (he's not) and that was a small issue when Mick went to register him the other day, because it's contrary to what we were told when we found this place to begin with.  (For the record, it wasn't required where we were in Georgia, and our pediatrician said not to press it, but the preschool wants all kids potty-trained.  So it's stressful in that sense, because WHM's just not at all willing.)  But so far, it's okay... and best of all, WHM did GREAT! No tears!  He loved it!  I'm not sure if it's more of a playgroup or a preschool, but we'll feel that out as we go, and for the first day, we were thrilled with how well our little guy did.

Daddy did my hair, made this sign, and is taking me to school.  I'm hoping Mommy's okay with all that!
 Another great thing --  we found CAM a place to take dance classes!  If you've been following along, you know I've been sick over not having a place for her to take her beloved ballet and not having a kindermusik place ... well, we're still out of luck on Kindermusik, but ballet AND TAP has been found, and starts Monday!
This is what CAM wears to play outside. Or inside.  Or anywhere.  So dance was a must-find.

For the record, this is what WHM did while CAM was playing.  He "needed sumpin'" out of my car, he told me.  Breakin' and enterin', I think it's called.


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