Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bathtime ...

For a few years, we've been getting away with joint bathtime for the kiddos.

CAM used to take a bath separately from WHM, but when he was able to walk and sit up, it was just easier to put them together in our big old tub -- especially in Georgia, where our master bath had a humongous jetted garden/whatever tub. 

Well, that ended tonight.  As of tomorrow, separate bath/shower times resume in our household.

Tonight's conversation:

CAM:  WHM, you have a silly bum*!
WHM:  What?!  I don't have a siwwy bum.  Where is the penguin?
CAM:  Your bum is a different shape!  It doesn't look like mine AT ALL.  Here, pour water on my head.
WHM:  My bum is fine.  I need my penguin.  Mommy, CAM has my penguin!
CAM:  Mommy?  WHM's bum is a silly shape.  His bum is different than mine.  Do all people have different bums?
ME:  Honey, give WHM the penguin.  No, just boys and girls have different bums.

Thankfully, the conversation ended there and both kids were wrapped up with a penguin transaction.  I promptly called for Mick and shared this little innocent conversation and let him know we're now officially adding a round to our family bath/shower routine ...

In fairness, I knew that this changeover was imminent, that CAM was eventually going to notice this, and that really, they were too old to have a shared bath time.  (And right before we moved, I was transitioning to where one kid was in the shower while one was in the tub -- we had a separate but adjacent shower so I could manage them both ... we had a big master bathroom.  Not magazine big, but certainly built-in-the-South-in-the-past-fifteen-years kind-of big.  Small-bedroom-big, nothing extravagant.)  But they loved to play with all their bathtub toys together, and as yet it hadn't come up, and so I didn't force the issue, especially once we got to Maine.  And quite honestly, I am so tired that I can't even get up to pour myself a glass of wine -- adding another layer to our routine kicks my BUM just thinkin' about it!   Oh well.  Thank goodness for Mick! 


*in our house, your privates are collectively your "bum," at least for now.

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  1. I just hose mine off in the backyard. Keeps things simple.