Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And Jen is ...

I don't know about you, but I'll throw this out there: if you're a betting person and you ever look at the "how long 'til Jen gets sick" pool, I'd suggest you take the under, every time.

Because it's Day 8, and I'm sick and voiceless and was up all night last night already.

It's only Tuesday, which is what really stinks -- there's still a whole lotta week left to make it through!

Oh well. Quite honestly, I'd rather be sick now, in the early material, than later in the year or -- dare I say it -- on a weekend! 

But I'm missing more voices than just my own today.  It's Open House this evening, and I'm going to miss almost all of The Voice tonight because of it.  We don't have DVR yet, and that's an even worse bummer than being sick!

UPDATE 9/12: Open House was mostly Empty House last night, but I was thankful because my throat feels like there are a million little daggers in the back.  I ended up with most of my classes empty, two parents in one class, and about eight or ten in the last class.  It went really well, too, but for my throat issue.  Oh, and I missed ALL of the The Voice, because it was only on from 8-9 last night!  Now it's morning and I had a good night's sleep but my throat is awful.  Oh well. We'll see how today goes!


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