Saturday, September 8, 2012

Firefighters' Parade

Today was one of those days where it was really kind-of cool to be in rural America and/or Maine.  There was a firefighters' convention that was kicked off with a parade this morning in Freeport.  We woke up early (well, early by most standards, and certainly earlier than we wanted to wake up!) and headed out -- lawn chairs, rain jackets, snacks and cameras all ready.

Funny note:  CAM and I were in our Alabama game-day apparel.  WHM had a full-on meltdown that he was NOT wearing an Alabama shirt this morning.  We are raising this kid right!

The weather was funny -- damp and just warm enough to not have us all shivering, but it never rained.  The parade was wonderful -- it was pretty lengthy and although there were no marching bands, there were enough firefighter music groups and pipes that the music kept on coming.  Mick and I took a bunch of photos of all sorts of cool things.  I'll spare you most of them, but here are a bunch of our favorites.


Yowsa.  I need a haircut even more than I realized!

Those sirens are LOUD!

Laughing at the "big boot car!"

I'm thinking they've had this plate since ... well, since plates!

Aunt Sheila is one of their coaches and as I took these pictures, she was hugging and talking with CAM.  So cool!

Coolest thing we saw all day.  The lawn chair makes it especially perfect.  I can imagine all the old-timers saying, "well, we're happy to play for you, but we damn sure ain't marching ..." and lo and behold, a flat-bed trailer becomes a mobile orchestra pit!  LOVE it!

WHM loved this fire truck!

That's the McDonald's, folks.  Don't tell me it's not the coolest McD's ever ... 'cause it is.  :)

One group stopped and gave the kids suckers.  This is what they said.


  1. I think they missed the "tide" at the bottom of that sucker. :)

    1. HAH! Made me laugh out loud! Points for you, Jackie! :)

  2. LOVE IT! But you know I'm biased...