Monday, September 10, 2012

Elmo. Nemo. Same thing.

I came home from work today with a ferocious migraine, so I asked Mick to take CAM to her ballet class (a kind-of big deal, because today was the very first day and Mick had to register her).  I put on comfy-cozies, popped two Excedrin Migraine, shut the blinds, crawled on the couch, and put on Ellen.  Oh, and covered my eyes in an effort, if not to sleep, at least to not suffer from any kind of light.

WHM snuggled in with me.  He was precious, even if he made sure I didn't so much as get a millisecond of sleep.

There was a commercial for the new 3D Finding Nemo.  Here's our conversation:

WHM:  I wuv Elmo.  I watched dat mooovie at my school yesTURday.  At my school in Georgia.  Not in Maine.
ME: You watched Finding Nemo?
WHM:  Yes.  Finding Elmo.
ME:  His name is Nemo.
WHM:  No, Elmo.
ME:  Did you watch the fish movie?
WHM:  Yes.
ME:  That fish movie on the commercial?
WHM:  Yes.
ME:  It's called Finding Nemo.
WHM:  Wight.  Elmo.


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