Monday, June 11, 2012

WHM's Birthday

It's been a busy week, due in no small part to the fact that I was sick allllll of last week.  WHM's birthday party was last Saturday (June 2), and I posted about that, and proceeded to spend the majority of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday in bed.  The rest of the week didn't get much better.

Anyway, Tuesday was WHM's actual birthday.  The big 3.  I was not feeling great whatsoever, but we always take time for birthdays around here.

We started the day with -- much like Christmas and Easter -- WHM coming downstairs to see his presents all set out for him.  (Well, most of them.)

After he opened them all up and we ate a simple breakfast, we took a family trip to the Southeast's biggest train hobbyist store.  It happens to be located 15 minutes from our house and has a huge (huge!!) selection of Thomas the Tank Engine stuff (along with pretty much anything else "train" you can possibly think of or want.  Seriously, the place is something like 10,000 square feet of trains.  It's super).  We let the kids play for a good while and bought WHM the Sodor Power Station.  It lights up!  Come on, that's cool.  And of course, he got some Thomas stickers that he promptly put on his shirt.

After that, we asked WHM where he wanted to go to lunch.

Here's a conversation I'd posted on Facebook the night before:

When we asked CAM what she wanted for her birthday lunch a few months ago, she picked a nice, expensive place and we all went and had a wonderful lunch.

Tomorrow is WHM's birthday.

Me: WHM, where would you like to go for your birthday lunch tomorrow?

WHM: Costco.
So, yes.  He didn't budge from that request, and so for WHM's third birthday, we all went to Costco for lunch.    

Here are some photos of the birthday boy enjoying his hot dog.  

Oh -- are you wondering why there is no bun?   Oh, my dear friends, have you ever heard of Jack Sprat?

Jack Sprat could eat no fat
His wife could eat no lean
And so, between them both
They licked the platter clean

That's my kids.  CAM will eat ONLY the bun, and WHM wouldn't eat the bun for a million bucks.  Works out well, if you think about it.
After Costco, we came home.  I napped, and then we capped off the night with a simple (and delicious) birthday cake Mick picked up at Publix. 


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