Thursday, June 21, 2012

101 Things #38: Visit the Bryant Musuem -- DONE!

Well, let's rehash this once again, friends:

We're moving.

CAM's going to kindergarten in a few months.

And, for those of you that don't already know this, we never changed our doctors from Tuscaloosa to metro Atlanta.

All of this together meant that we needed to get to Tuscaloosa for some doctors' visits before we move!  Wahoo! 

Tuesday was our "family" doctor day.  I had a doctor's appointment, WHM had his 3-year well visit, and CAM had her 5-year/kindergarten-ready visit.  (Mick was supposed to have an appointment as well, but his got all sorts of messed up.)  In order to make it all fit in one day, it meant that the kids' appointments were early.  That meant, in turn, that we went over to Tuscaloosa Monday afternoon and spent the night.  WAHOO!!!

One of the things on our "101 Things" list is to visit the Bryant Museum.  (Yes, if you can believe it, we lived in Tuscaloosa four years and never made it to the museum.) And now, I am pleased to say, we can check it off our list!

Here are some photos of our adventure.  We spent late Monday afternoon and evening being lazy tourists (and on a quest to get me a particular "A" I've been searching for since December), and fit the museum in between appointments on Tuesday.  It was a glorious trip and I am so thankful we made it happen. 
Oh, how I love Tuscaloosa.  Football's a'comin! 

Seriously.  Who gets this room number?!  We did, that's who!

CAM, thrilled to get a REAL blood pressure cuff!  No Fisher-Price doctor kit here!

Taking her vision test. Apple, House, UM-brella ...

Bryant Museum!  Look at those giant doors!

That's right, baby.  ROLL TIDE!  WHM went silly saying it everywhere he saw an "A."  Very comical.

So, maybe they weren't keen on posing for photos.  The museum is essentially a giant circle.  They made a dead run for Big Al as soon as we walked in, though, and as a consequence, we went through the museum backwards.  Whoops.

Waterford version of Bear's hat.  Awesome.

Football pads from 1905.  How cool is this?!

Mick and his idol, Coach Bryant.  
Mick waited a long time to get to this museum.  I'm glad we finally made it happen.



  1. Roll Tide! Glad you had a great visit! My daughters signed up for the summer semesters at UA and wish they hadn't! They're missing their summer off. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love that sports culture! Looks like you had a great trip!