Saturday, June 30, 2012


Today was one of those random days where you sleep in, set out for lunch around 11:30, and the next thing you know, it's 6:45 and you're still out and about running errands as you think of them. 

It was a good day!!  Mick was a trooper, too!

While we were at lunch, we realized WHM's Alabama hat is just crossing the threshold into being too small. (Where were we on this observation, oh, I don't know ... last week, when we were in TUSCALOOSA?!?!?!?)

Anyway.  There are college-sports stores at the Mall, and Mick decided to brave it as a family. The Mall.  THE MALL.  On a Saturday afternoon. Of a holiday weekend.  When it's 105 degrees out. (Yes, 105.  I exaggerate a lot, but this is fact.)  I think the heat was getting to him, but I was glad for the chance to scope out a new hat for the little guy.



For goodness' sake, there was a line to get into Old Navy!*

(For the record, we didn't go in Old Navy.)**

We managed to walk the entirety of the mall both upstairs and downstairs and still missed one of the sports stores -- and we struck out on getting WHM his new hat.  (Not to worry.  This excursion was as much to kill time as it was to find a hat.  We had no real agenda today and it was hot out.  We'll have a new hat in no time, fear not, my fellow Tide fans.)

Anyway, I never really understood the phenomenon of why people flock to public places when it's so hot out, but as our 12-year-old a/c units are chugging along unable to keep up, and our power bill last month -- you know, back when it was a frigid 80 every day -- was astronomical, I kind-of got it.  I wouldn't do it, but I can at least now understand why people would leave their home a/c at 85 and hit the mall.  (Hey, we did it accidentally today, but we still did it. Of course, our thermostats are set at 72, but the house is still a less-than-delightful 80!)  That wasn't quite what our plan had been, but it was clearly what half of Georgia and about 37 tour buses' worth of people thought.  It was mayhem!  And the roads around the mall were just as bad. 

Catty side note: I have never seen people waiting around for the lounge chairs at the mall, but they were today.  In droves.  Ick.

It's hot out. 

And now that we were gone all day, all my daytime projects -- like, you know, packing!! -- get to get done tonight.  At least I can pack with a ponytail and an ice cold glass of wine.  Not a bad day at all!


*for K.C.
** also for K.C.

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  1. We also ended up at the mall here yesterday. It has been blazing hot here too so it was already busy at 9:30. The line was out of Old Navy here too, but some random lady told me they were doing $1 flip flops so that answers the weird "why is there a crazy line outside of Old Navy?" question :)