Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Eye" Can See Again!

I went to the eye doctor today!!  My right eye hasn't changed at all, but my left eye changed by .5.  This is especially puzzling because it is usually (that's a lie -- always) my right eye that gives me trouble.

Anyway, this is pretty monumental for a few reasons.  First, I now have new contacts, and I had been wearing my last pair and getting dangerously close to having to pitch them and wear glasses all the time.  (Which I don't mind, but it's hard to wear sunglasses, and I need sunglasses in these here parts.)

Second, I hadn't been to the eye doctor in sheesh, at least 18 months.   Which leads me to the point of this post (no, it's not just to give you a random medical/vision history, I promise!)...

Does anyone else do this----->  Here in GA, eyeglass/contact lens prescriptions are only good for a year and then you need a new exam.  So every year right before my prescription expires, I order another 6-month supply of contacts.  But sometimes, I get a year's prescription to start, and then fill it for another year right before it expires, and I am pretty sure I did at least that this time.  So it's been a while since I had the old eyes checked.  WHY do I do this?  WHY?!  Does anyone else practice this ridiculous insanity?  It's not as if I am doctor-averse ... but when it comes to the eye doctor, I just always game the system.  Stupid.  Am I alone?  Please, please tell me I am not alone.

Anyway, despite not having been there in eons, I didn't need to get my eyes dilated, my "glaucoma-ish optic nerve" is just fine, and my eyes haven't changed dramatically.  These are all things that, as WHM would say, "dat makes me happy."



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