Saturday, June 30, 2012

Discovered Photos: American Girl and Kindermusik

I have a little point-and-shoot camera I keep in my purse, and the past year or so I've not been very good about downloading the pictures from it -- mostly because I mostly use my other camera.  But because it rained some while we were at Disney World, we broke out the little purse camera and so yesterday I finally got my act together and grabbed the pictures from it.

In doing so, I found these little treasures -- a few snapshots from CAM's last Kindermusik class before Christmas (2011) and CAM and her KM girlfriends at the American Girl Cafe -- I think in February 2012.


I hope they always love each other this much.

The look on WHM's face just cracked me up when I saw this.
p.s.  Normally, WHM wouldn't be a part of CAM's class, but on occasions when Mick wasn't home, WHM of course tagged along.

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