Sunday, June 17, 2012

My, How Times Have Changed

It's Sunday morning.  This tends to be the one morning a week where the M family is just lazy until we get going and get out of the house.  (Church notwithstanding -- we still take our lazy mornings.)

This morning, Mick has a meeting.  WHM woke up kind-of early.  And CAM, sweet, no-sleep-required CAM, is sleeping.  So WHM and I came downstairs and snuggled on the couch under our awesome Alabama sweatshirt-blanket (Seriously.  This sounds so tacky, but its the single best blanket ever in the history of blankets.  It is super insanely soft and super insanely heavy and made from one gigantic bolt of sweatshirt fabric.  The kids and I picked this baby up for Mick for Christmas but it's become the blanket we fight over when we watch tv downstairs!)  and put on Chuggington. 

Side note:  I don't really care for Chuggington.  The characters and stories are fine (and actually the wooden trains are really nice!), but I find the animation to be way too fast, and that does bad things to your attention span.  I don't mean to sound like a crazy lady, but the opening montage makes my head spin.  I don't say, "no," all the time -- but still limit it.  It's a treat for WHM to watch Chuggington.  I try to balance that by letting him have Chuggington toys to complement his Thomas stuff -- he doesn't really know he's missing out.... I hope.

Back to the story:

In one scene, there was a big green engine that looked very similar to a wooden engine WHM owns.

WHM:  Mommy, what's that big gween twain name?
ME:  Oh, I don't know, honey.
WHM:  I have dat twain up-stay-ers in my woom.
ME:  You do?  (he doesn't)
WHM:  Yes.  You go get it?
ME:  No, silly, you wanted to watch Chuggington!  Don't go upstairs and wake CAM. Let's snuggle and watch Chuggington.
WHM:  I be quiet.
ME:  Honey, let's watch Chuggington. 
WHM:  Mommy, you pause it?

Yes, really.  He just asked me to pause the tv so he could go upstairs and get his gween twain.


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