Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oy vey! SOOO much to DO!

Granted, we didn't get back in town until Tuesday, but Mick and I managed to successfully waste away our week, and now we're almost in that exact spot we feared: waking up and realizing it's August and we're not moved yet. 

Of course it's not quite that bad, but this week, we're newly resolved and entirely committed to get ... stuff ... packed!  It stinks, this limbo-living, and although I am holding on to every last minute of tutoring I can muster, Mick's increasingly frustrated that he can't get stuff moving with his business up North.  I think we're going to try to make it so that with this run, we officially switch our home base from Georgia to Maine.  We're going to spend the week packing and organizing, and see whether that's really viable by the weekend.  Wish us luck.  This is the daunting part of moving that I really despise; that cross-over point where you're not living anywhere anymore. 

But enough of that!  In the meantime, we had a fantastic weekend and I do have quite a bit to fill you all in about!  But here it is 7pm Sunday evening and I am way behind on almost all of my day's "to-do" list.  So ...

... smooches and hugs to you all! 

I'll talk to you tomorrow!


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