Friday, July 20, 2012

Better Mommy? Yeah, Right

I have been snapping at the kids lately.  A lot. More than I would like to do, ever, but since snapping here and there is a given for anyone other than June Cleaver, let's just say that the past few days I've been snapping more than I am comfortable with.  It's tough, though -- moving is quite the process, and every time we've moved in the past we've either been kid-free or had the luxury of two things:  other adults to help so there were more hands on deck, AND a relatively close move so that multiple trips, if necessary, were an easy and not unreasonable option.

Not so this time.

And it's so, so hard, because the kids are both old enough to want to play and be active, and gradually we are taking away more and more of their toys and "stuff." And on top of that, at the same time that our house is starting to have more open spaces as things are packed and stacked, the kids are losing more of their space to play.  Outside toys?  Gone.  CAM's room?  Gone.  WHM's room?  Mostly packed.  Kindermusik stuff?  Packed.  Playroom?  Packed and gone.  (Though we have given them a ton of crayons and free reign to color on the walls.  It's actually awesome, to see their mural and the story they have to go with it.  I have to get that on video before we leave.)  Space to play Strawberry Shortcakes and My Little Ponies and Thomas the Tank Engine?  A huge contradiction.  Because although there is, technically, more floor space, it's not for playing and leaving toys out!

So, it's tough.  And the kids are underfoot just wanting attention and time, and even though I try every day to do at least one fun thing -- cooking, a craft, a play date, what-have-you, and to pause at some point every evening and read together, I still am not as productive with the packing as I want to be.  Heck, as I need to be!  Yesterday I was trying to fold and sort laundry in order to pack clothes and reserve some stuff for the remaining two weeks that we're officially here, and all I wanted to do was fold and sort and pack and watch some tv while I did it.  In peace.  Nope.  And although I didn't lose my mind or anything, I felt like I was constantly fussing at the kids, and I hated it.

The stupid laundry issue took me a solid three days to get through.  It's ridiculous.  I'm finally done with it, and today we've got a play date and some serious errands, but when we get home I hope to pack the master closet once and for all, to check that off my list, and move on to some other major project that needs doing.

Anyway.  Thanks for reading.  If you've moved cross-country with kids and didn't hire a company, what did you do?  Was it easier for you?  Was there some magic you had to keep everyone happy and entertained?

And don't get me started on staying in bed at night.  Last night I actually had to threaten CAM to lock her in her room if she didn't GO TO BED AND STAY IN BED.  (Something I would never do, but which got the point across -- until she came downstairs and so sweetly told me that she figured out that the lock faces the inside and if I locked her in, she could still unlock it...)


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