Sunday, July 1, 2012

101 Things: #23: Ride a Real Roller Coaster

One of the sillier things on the list was to ride a real roller coaster.  I love roller coasters.  That's something my dad instilled in me.  And riding a coaster meant we had to go to an amusement park, and I wanted to force that issue thought that would be some quality family time if we could make it work. 

Besides, CAM has been asking me a ton to ride a roller coaster (we rode one last summer at Old Orchard Beach in Maine) for a year, now.  We needed to get on the stick!

Well, although the list says "ride a real roller coaster, preferably with Mick," I'm calling this one done.  CAM and I rode Space Mountain last weekend, and it was fabulous. 

Neither one of us can wait for more!


(Oh, and photos to come of OOB if I can find 'em.) 

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