Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Super Why Facts

Fun fact:  SuperWhy,* the show on PBS Kids about a group of friends who turn into fairy tale heroes when they have a problem ("What you do when you have a question? You look .... in a book!"), had a whole lot of merchandise in the aisles of Toys-R-Us two years ago when CAM and WHM both watched it daily. 

Fun fact: now that it's just WHM who watches it because Maine PBS is awful CAM's in school when it is on, and WHM is excited beyond belief to have a Super Why birthday party, you can rest assured that all of the merchandise has been discontinued.  Even little action figures are approximately $1,000,000 on ebay. 

Super Why = Super Unavailable. 

Not to worry.  I'm trying to make it so WHM's party is no less awesome than CAM's Fancy Nancy party was.

Why am I posting this, you ask yourself?  Well, because about ten minutes ago I just lost what was seriously the 89th auction (if you include Craigslist inquiries, it's more like 147) I bid in, trying to win Super Why merch for my little man's birthday.  Who knew there would be a run on Super Why merchandise?

(And where do they publish the list of toys that are about to be discontinued, so I can buy up all the stuff I see at Toys-R-Us, too, and sell it for a mortgage payment?  Please add me to that mailing list.)

Stay tuned, Super Readers!  The party is Saturday and I have officially done only marginally better than nothing to prepare.  Gonna be a late two nights Thursday and Friday ... and what I am counting on to be a fantastic Super Why party on Saturday. 


*We love the show. The stories are cute spins on traditional fairy tales, and the Super Readers teach sight words and reading skills, identifying a problem in their "real" world and then zooming into Storybook Village to solve their problem with an analogous problem in a fairy tale.  They have Super Letters, spelling games, and so forth.


  1. You're a super-mom and super-reader. Though I would've totally pushed Mickey Mouse just to keep things easy. ;)

    1. Thanks! Since I have a sister who works at Disney, I think the Mickey thing would have been more pressure. (Besides, have you been to Pinterest? The sheer number of Disney ideas would make anyone's brain explode!)