Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Stunning Ballerina

I'm still sick.  This cold is slowly making its way through, and I went from daggers in my throat (Wednesday and a sick day at home Thursday) to a stuffy head and dry cough.  I'm still pretty voiceless.  CAM had ballet photos today and to make the day a little smoother, Mick took WHM down to NH with him for some work he had to get done.  I got to sleep in and then just spend the day with CAM, which was a nice treat, even with this wretched cold.

Because these were costume photos, we were told to bring our ballerinas with stage make-up.  I'm not a big "overdone stage makeup" kind of mom, mostly because the way I see it, we're still talking about six-year-olds on a stage at a local middle school.  I tend to do for CAM what I do for me: mascara, lipstick, blush, and maybe a little eyeliner.  Since she doesn't typically wear any makeup, the effect is pretty dramatic without making her look like a caricature.  (I say this not to be critical, but because we have friends whose daughters do have to wear the full-on theatrical make-up, and it makes me cringe.  I'm so thankful we don't have that mandate.)  CAM was thrilled because she got to wear "real" makeup today, and since we had no agenda once pictures were done, I let her keep it on even after we got home from her ballet pics.  I was feeling pretty wiped out, so I was on the couch and she was sitting at my feet watching television.  I looked over to her and was struck by just how beautiful she looked. 

I whispered out a hoarse, "CAM, will you please get me my camera bag?" and snapped these once she settled back in under the blanket.  These are some of my favorites -- there are about a gazillion photos so you can imagine how difficult it was to pick!  (Best of all: even the ones that look posed are 100% completely and totally not posed.  I was just a snap-happy fool, and in the mix I got some really fabulous candid shots.)



  1. Those are fabulous!! I love moments like that, where your child's beauty overwhelms you and makes you take photo after photo.

    And yes, she looks stunning! Good job on the not-overdone makeup. :-)