Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shameless Begging

We are down by double digits, and it's only Wednesday.  PLEASE, I beg you, please vote for CAM!

Yes, I will come begging again next week, if we make it to that round, so please forgive me.  I will owe you, I know.

But if you can please take a moment and vote for CAM, I sure will love you!

(Helpful hint:  don't try to register with Facebook, but actually create a login.  So far, everyone who's tried to register via Facebook has run into issues.  The site is terrible terrible terrible ... but that isn't CAM's fault and we're trying to get her those Taylor Swift tickets!)

Thank you.  A thousand thank-yous, and even more when (I'm not even thinking "if!") we win. :)

Vote here:  This is the link  Remember, search "jenred823" to find us!

--Jen (and CAM, too)

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