Saturday, February 16, 2013


Here in the Northeast, schools traditionally start in late August (or even Tuesday/Wednesday after Labor Day) and go through mid-June.  We tend to be on quarters rather than semesters, and high schools take midterms in mid January.  And instead of one Spring break, we get a February/winter break and then a Spring break later on (usually late March at the earliest).

It's glorious.  It's how I grew up, and I love it.  Other than March, there's never a month without some sort of break, which is wonderful for recharging for kids and grown-ups alike.  Sure, I'll be a bit glum when all my Southern friends are out for the summer come Memorial Day and for us it's just a three-day weekend, but the roles will be reversed when they head back the first week in August and we've still got a month left of summer.

As of yesterday after school, we're officially in February Vacation!

And for the first time in years -- literally, as long as I can remember -- we've got a school vacation without any sort of travel plans.  No trips North to see family; no trips South to see friends or family... no surgery scheduled for WHM (that was the last time we had a vacation where we didn't travel) ... we're just here.

With absolutely nothing to do.

My favorite notepad from one of my favorite shops.  Buy it here:

Here's our list for the week:
  1. Clean/organize CAM's room done! Saturday
  2. Clean/organize WHM's room  90% done -- we need to buy and install two shelves, but I'm calling it done.  For now. Monday
  3. Clean/organize/unpack the master bedroom
  4. Clean the living room done!  Couldn't sleep the other night, so I attacked the living room.  Friday
  5. Work in the basement and create/clean/organize the kids' playroom, finally.
  6. Go to the storage unit and organize/consolidate/find stuff we've been missing since August
  7. (Cry about anything we can't find even after we do that)
  8. Cook a bunch of cooking club stuff
  9. Blog about the above
  10. Wash, fold, put away all the laundry in the house
  11. Stop laughing about the previous goal
  12. Visit with my parents (they are coming up from NY!  Hooray!)
  13. Move stuff from the basement and garage to storage
  14. Clean/organize my desk area
  15. Make a dent in the filing basket
  16. Work on Mick's business plan
  17. Work on my resume and get out some job applications (or at least get in the position to apply when jobs come up)
  18. Finish some odds-and-ends craft/sewing projects
  19. Schedule dentist appointments, find a doctor for me, and inquire about speech testing for CAM
  20. Make St. Patty's wreath with CAM -- find last year's wreath as well.

See?  Absolutely nothing to do! 


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