Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sick on break ...

Ugh!  I hate being sick, and although I am incredibly thankful to be sick when I can be as lazy as I want, I am also frustrated that I am losing time on my productivity list.

I did about half the laundry that was already washed, which was about half the laundry in the house.  Mick and I have been washing stuff, though, so I'm back to needing to do about 80% of our laundry.  I've been updating progress on my previous post and wanted to add here that I have also completed about 80% of the basement playroom. (Take that, laundry and cold!  I'm still being productive!  hah!)

Oh, and another thing:  I just might be punting on the rest of my list, even if I will kick and scream and curse about it 'til our NEXT school vacation.


p.s.  They card you to buy Nyquil here.  Regular, dumb-old, OTC Nyquil.  I was flabbergasted.  Is that new everywhere nowadays, or it is just a Maine thing?  It's not even behind the pharmacy counter -- I totally don't understand it and am curious your experiences elsewhere.  This is not a political comment.  This is pure, codfish-face-jaw-on-the-ground shock.  So please enlighten me! 


  1. Oh gosh - soup! Vaporizer! Rest! That's your list...see to it.

    1. Well, a friend told me that it's all over Pinterest that alcohol kills germs. So I might have had a half a bottle of wine last night. I feel remarkably better today!