Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mardi Gras

I totally forgot today was (is still, technically) Mardi Gras.

What kind of a drunk partier pious Catholic girl am I?!

At least I did one thing right:  I ate dinner tonight as if food was going away tomorrow.

Or, wait a minute ...

Anyway.  Now I realize I need to give something up for Lent, and that I need to cook a vegetarian dinner tomorrow night.  I'd swear, but, well, you know. (For the record, I dropped a choice series of swear words when I dropped CAM off at school last week ... and she goes to a Catholic school and I drop her off AT THE CHURCH.  I have serious @#^%&!$^!#!! issues.)

Years ago, I gave up fast food.  (I had escape plans:  I could eat a potato or salad at Wendy's, and Subway didn't count -- I had to be reasonable, because I often worked late, but I still made it hurt.)  More recently, I try to give up NOT doing something*. For example, one of these past few years, I've given up being lazy about laundry -- didn't work very well -- and being lazy about going to the gym (worked moderately better).  I've given up fast food relatively recently, too, but it's not been as meaningful because I don't eat fast food as frequently as I used to, which means it's not a sacrifice.  (And now that we have no Chick-fil-A near us, c'mon.  God would strike me down for trying to find a loophole.)  Truth be told, I can't even remember what I gave up last year.

So, I'm stuck. 

Do you give anything up for Lent?  What do you do?


*one of my non-Catholic friends made fun of me for this.  After I told her she needed to don a habit before she told me how to be Catholic, I gave what she said some thought.  And I decided that as I understand it, the point is to sacrifice something that you enjoy, or which is important to you, or which you would do well to change.  I'm no priest, but I'm just sayin', I think that giving up a negative habit qualifies -- even if the negative habit is a non-action and giving it up requires a positive action.  Now please excuse me while I go say 57 Hail Marys and some Glory Be's.

p.s.  how do you pluralize "Glory Be"?  "Glory Be's" looks wrong, but "Glory Bes" can't be right.

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