Thursday, February 21, 2013

Anything in a Nice Package

Last year (well, 2011 -- on our way to Mick's cousin's wedding), Mick and the kids and I spent some time on a deserted beach and picked up buckets worth of gorgeous beach rocks.  They were special to me for the memory we created as well as the particular beach where we got them.  

This is our moon-landing photo.  Cool, huh?!

my camera was still new and we were playing with the functions.  It was dark out.

lining them up to pick the BEST ones. 

What it looked like.  Deserted, rocky beach and pitch black water.  It was gorgeous.

Everyone was in on the rock-picking action.

Believe it or not, we could not get gorgeous little rocks (did I just say that?  I think I did) in Atlanta, so they were especially cool.  For just shy of a year, our family jewels rocks sat in a giant fishbowl on our dining room table, and I loved them. 

Then we moved.  And the rocks in the fish bowl turned into rocks in a box, and it was a running joke that Mick actually moved a box of rocks.  (Actually, he moved those rocks from NY to Georgia and then Georgia to Maine.  Those are some well-traveled rocks, nevermind the fact that they were formed by a glacier and so who knows where they originated!)

Fast forward.  

We've been in Maine now for five months, and I was out puttering today and found myself in TJMaxx.

Lookee here, kids, lookee here!

Only $3.99!  (Compare at $6.00.  If, you know, you can find a place that sells rocks.)

By this price point, I'm at least a hundred-aire!  Whooo hooo!  And I know where I can get more, whenever I want ... in fact, there's a limitless supply. 

Hmm.  Almost tempting enough to say "Rocks for Sale!"  (Except they are, after all, in TJMaxx.  Perhaps not a best seller.)



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