Thursday, February 21, 2013

BEA IS MISSING!!! (Or: I don't lose things.)

... but when I wasn't the one to pack them, I may think things are lost.  That's just how my brain works, and without the reference point of having packed them, I am all out of whack.

And I will obsess until I find the "missing" things.  I will make Mick crazy, but I will find them, and all will be well in the universe. 

I had a lengthy -- wait for it, I know it will shock you -- list of things to find.
  1. Library book that I last saw when we cleaned the car to travel for Christmas.  (It was only due in October -- but luckily, it was checked out from the school where I teach, so I have the faculty-status infinite renewal privilege.  Or at least, so far.)
  2. CAM's barrettes in the gorgeous little Pottery Barn pharmacy jar, last seen on my dresser in Georgia.
  3. My little blue waterproof camera, last seen on my desk in Georgia.
  4. Prints from Georgia that I wanted to frame.
  5. My socks.  (Yes, you read that right. My socks.)  Last seen in my dresser in Georgia.
  6. Mick's wireless headphones to listen to tv late at night while I'm sleeping.  Last seen in Georgia.
  7. CAM's most prized baby doll, Bea, who's been missing about a week. Last seen ... here, maybe in her stroller?  She's not there now, I assure you.
  8. Our St. Patrick's Day wreath.
  9. The kids' Easter baskets.
We made some progress today, and I am thrilled to say that the list now looks like this:
  1. Library book.
  2. My socks. 
  3. Mick's wireless headphones. 
  4. BEA.
  5. Our St. Patrick's Day wreath.
Of these, I am okay with the socks -- I've been buying a new few pair here and there every week.  I'm okay with the wreath, because I have a new one in mind to make with the kids anyway, and we don't need two wreaths at once.  The library book will grate on me, but the worst case is that I buy it.  I will moan and complain but it will not literally kill me.  The wireless headset?  Well, it won't be any worse to not have it.  I've gone five months without its benefit, after all. 

I am NOT okay, not by any means, with losing BEA.  I am sick over BEA.  I have torn about CAM's room, WHM's room, the basement, my car, and most of my room -- there's still one corner buried by laundry, but I feel like I've at least turned that corner over -- and can't find her anywhere.

Lots of prayers to St. Anthony are in my immediate past and my immediate future.   I'd like to say that he's usually pretty good to me, but I. Don't. Lose. Things. So, I don't have much experience.

I do have faith, though.  I'll keep you posted.  Bea has to turn up.  She just has to.


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