Sunday, February 3, 2013


Last Friday (January 25), CAM had her very first haircut.

(Yes, she's five.  Until she was four she had very little hair, and even this past year it was only just past her shoulders.)

Last year (well, late 2011), WHM went from this:

to this:

and then this:

and it was a big production to get his haircut done at a specialty childrens' haircuttery (is that a word?  Is now).  You know the kind of place -- the seats are airplanes and racecars and firetrucks, and every station has a tv playing Disney or Thomas or what-have-you, and there's a playroom for the siblings ...

And we paid for the special "First Haircut" package where you get a certificate and a photo, and a lock of your hair, and I have to say that for a scared little boy, they did a wonderful job.

We get all hands on deck while WHM decides if he really wants to to this thing.

He nixed the race car.  Now we're checking out the airplane.

We get Daddy involved.

This thing has no "eject" button!  Get me the heck out!

Restraints are not fun.  Especially when there's some loud razor thing buzzing by my ear!

This was terror and anger. Broke my heart.

Anyway, CAM never really needed a haircut until this summer, and it wasn't a desperate situation.

And so we never really made it a priority, and then we moved, and lo and behold, there exist no such kid cuttery places here in Maine.  Since they were taking over the Atlanta area, I had just assumed it was a new nationwide trend and I was surprised to learn otherwise.  (We're in Central Maine, which generally is rural, so I got that part --  but I was really shocked that there wasn't even any such place in Portland.  Who knew?!  But still, I didn't aggressively search outside of Maine -- we took enough trips we might have made it work elsewhere, but I never pursued it.)

Fast forward and suddenly it's January and I realize that we're not finding one of those places, and we've hit that point where a haircut really was necessary no matter what.  And so I made an appointment for CAM for last Friday.

And she loved it!

I spaced and am upset with myself that I forgot to get a back-view before-and-after, but here are the photos of our BIG girl getting her very first "grown-up" haircut.

Kind-of a before picture ... CAM's hair is wet because we washed it at home, and this is when she first sat in the chair.  Check out the huge grin behind that hair!

They have a super-cool booster seat made especially for the chair.  Here's CAM admiring the hairstyles magazine.

All done!  She even got a little flower clippie from Tina, the hairstylist, to celebrate the occasion.


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