Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I am so tired!

I'm sure we're all in similar boats.  The post-Thanksgiving week here is, so far, cold (it was a balmy 18 degrees when I headed to work Monday morning), and for whatever reason, just exhausting.  Mick and I have a busy weekend coming up, with my in-laws coming into town to watch the kids so he and I can work in the storage unit and try to pack/unpack/find stuff.  Should be productive but ... wait for it ... exhausting!

I still haven't figured out the photos issue, and because I think I can get around having to pay for photo storage with Blogger, but because Mick's schedule and mine have not meshed well yet this week, I'm holding off on just paying for photo storage.  I assure you I will work on this and get our gazillions of photos uploaded as soon as possible.

I do have good no-photo-required news, though:

I got a letter from Maine saying, essentially, I was right and don't need all those hours of classes, etc. etc.  In fact, the letter said that the only thing they need from me is my PRAXIS scores.  Of course, those scores long-ago expired, but I DO have a hard copy of them.  So I'll send those along and see what the State says.  I'm taking this as good news, especially compared to where we were two weeks ago.

And now, my friends, I am heading to bed!

(Okay, you're right.  There's no way on earth I am going to bed at 6:30.  But I sure do want to!)



  1. 6:30 sounds just about right to me!

    I hate bureacracy and paperwork. You're holding up well!

    I also hate that I can never spell bureacracy right.

    1. You make me smile every time you comment. Thank you!