Monday, November 12, 2012

Vendor Show Wisdom

CAM's school held their 7th Annual Christmas Festival this past Saturday.  If you don't know, I quietly sell for a direct sales company on the side.  (Cliche?  Oh yes.  And I hate that.  But I wanted the kit and then I didn't want to just quit.  Trust me, a sales guru I am distinctly not.)  Because the show benefited CAM's school, I decided to try my very first vendor show.

It went okay.  It was 6 hours out of our Saturday, and Mick was not pleased to be there with me.  Both kids were very, very well behaved, but it was still a long day for them, too.  I sold two things outright, took a bunch of contact info, and I think -- as of this morning -- have one, if not two, people who plan to sign on under me.  (I don't really get all that into the "recruiting," because although there's money to be made by growing a team, it really only works if you are also selling, and as I already mentioned, I don't exactly sell.)  But in any case, by my standards the show was a success, and if it grows my business even just enough that it pays for itself, that would be pretty cool.  Right now I pay the monthly web site fees and other stuff just for hah-hahs to see if this goes anywhere... it would be nice to sell just enough to cover those costs.  Then everything else would be gravy. 

(Why, you ask?  Well, here's the kicker:  I made a mistake (?) of offering a discount coupon in CAM's school calendar.  This means that although I spent the past month thinking I'd be perfectly content to just go back to being a customer, the truth is that I would feel really guilty letting my little venture just fade away and leaving people hanging.  Especially since it's not just anything, it's CAM's school calendar.  So, yes, getting some customers and getting my name out there on Saturday was quite a good thing.)

In any case, everyone who stopped by my little table loved what they saw and all said that my little company was new to them.  And at one point, an older lady with an oxygen tank stopped by and asked about something and was chatting about it.  And I mentioned that the item she was holding would "last forever." 

To which she responded in a perfect Maine accent, "Honey, forever isn't that long."


And that's about how my weekend went!


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