Sunday, December 2, 2012

HUGE Score!

You know me, so you know I really love a sale. 

But if you really know me (or if you've been reading along these past 11 months), you know that I really, really love a huge score of a deal.

I think Mick and I got the best deal of our lives together this weekend.

Background:  Are you familiar with LL Bean Signature?  Think Banana Republic and J.Crew meet LL Bean.  I love it.  

(I also love Banana and J.Crew ... even though I've not needed "grown-up clothes" for about five years!)

So ... we were poking around the LL Bean outlet the other day, and right there on the end of a rack was this skirt.  (This is perhaps the worst picture ever.  The skirt is GORGEOUS in person and the colors are much softer.  And while I'm at it, don't mind the awful tights the model is wearing.  Shoot, maybe I shouldn't have posted this link.)

I'd post a picture of my own, but ... well, I've not resolved that issue yet.  Sorry 'bout that.

ANYway.  Back to my story.

Original price, $129.

Outlet price, $69.99

Clearance price, $12.99

And then ... HALF OFF!

And because we were in NH, no sales tax.

That's 95% off, my dears.  I paid $6.49 for a (gorgeous, I might add, and totally in-season -- it's wool) skirt that was originally $129.

Who's awesome?!

That's me.  Just this once, I'm going to say it:  I'm awesome. 

Oh, okay, fine.  The deal was awesome.  But I'm claiming the credit!!!


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