Saturday, November 10, 2012

Really, Maine?

If you know me, you know that back in August (when I was already kicking and screaming about applying for a teaching position), I ran into all sorts of issues regarding my actual application.  There were tons of documents that were required that I not only did not have at the ready, but which in some cases, I couldn't easily get (they were in Georgia and I was in Maine).  I did, however, do the research for transferring my teaching certificate from Alabama to Maine.  It's not really a transfer, per se, but rather that Maine honors reciprocity.

Or so they say.  Consider it a lie, friends, an outright lie.

At the time, I about hyperventilated with all they wanted me to do, but then I got hired and things seemed to fall into place and all the crazy state requirements went unmentioned.

Until today.

Today, I got in the mail a "we deny your teaching certificate application" letter.  Once again, I hyperventilated.

This time, Maine wants me to:

1.  Take every possible Praxis exam related to math, including the "pre-professional" exam. 
2.  Take 9 graduate credit hours of math.
3.  Take 6 graduate credit hours of "methods," including 3 hours of special education methods and 3 hours of math teaching.
4.  Complete a student teaching assignment.

Now, rational me knows that I can't do a darned thing about this on a Saturday night, and I can't even do anything about it until Tuesday, since Monday's a holiday.  I should write an appeals letter, call it a night, and not worry about it.

Yeah, right.

Regular me, though, is having fits.  I've already run through the anger/fury/fear/belligerence cycle.  Now I'm just sick over it.  What will it mean?  Will I take a pay cut?  (HAH!  As if it were possible to earn less money!)  Will the school system, acting in accord with some nonsense from the state, say I owe them money for "overpayments" I've received thus far?  Will I have to jump through bullsh-- hoops for a "provisional" certificate while I "work on" these requirements?

Let's say I actually have to do these things.  First of all, I won't.  But second, they're essentially requiring me to go back to school for a semester.  FOR STUFF I ALREADY DID.


I'm sick to my stomach.  It's a mix of nerves and fury.  And Alabama football's on in the background and they are stinking it up big-time right now, and that's not helping me, not one little bit.

In any event, I need a job.

Anyone hiring?

I'm a member of the bar in Alabama ...

p.s.  the irony of it all is that I actually am enjoying teaching this year, and regularly find myself thinking about things I plan to do in Year 2...

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