Sunday, November 18, 2012

Naps and Such

As I had hoped to do, I got to nap yesterday afternoon.

I also found a Kohl's coupon for $10 off anything, so after our Lowe's crafting we all went over to Kohl's.  The $10 combined with a 20% off email and some store sales allowed me to get WHM a three-pair set of gloves his size, CAM a new Fancy Nancy floor puzzle, and all of us a raspberry dark chocolate Godiva chocolate bar for a big whopping ninety-two cents.  I love Kohl's coupons!

Anyway, we also ran through Burger King and then we came home and I felt awful again.  Mick left for work and the kids were as close to perfect as is possible.  I got to nap, CAM snuggled next to met watching a movie, and WHM played in his room.  They were really super.

When Mick got home I stayed snuggled on the couch and he and I watched football and then I slept this morning until 11.  I am finally feeling better!  I have done no grading, but we have been moderately productive with cleaning and laundry, so I am calling this weekend a success.  Tomorrow I can start the Thanksgiving prep.  We are having a full house and one of my sisters is coming with her family.  The kids get to play with their cousin!  I am pretty psyched.


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