Thursday, October 4, 2012

We Are Not Alcoholics

However, we do listen to country music.

I'm fearing a note to the teacher may be in order.
It gets better:

I have no idea what made CAM say that her dinosaur doodled a picture of a toilet.  Perhaps the dinosaur enjoyed the contents of too many Red Solo Cups.



  1. I would seriously consider laminating those!!

    1. I was doing my usual flip-through-CAM's-folder routine yesterday afternoon and Mick was about three feet away from me. As I read this I started laughing so hard he thought I was choking. Don't worry, it's definitely a keeper!

  2. That's awesome!

    I was at a funeral last week, and a lady walked in, 30 minutes late, with a blue solo cup in hand. No lie.

    (I'm really glad I got the chance to vent that here, since you can't exactly blog about a funeral.)

    1. Wow. I would LOVE to hear the lady's story... I know you probably don't know it but I'm imagining it's a doozy. And feel free to vent here anytime.

      My only experience with Blue Solo Cups is that they come in the exact shade of Thomas the Tank Engine, so we had them (and the red ones) for WHM's Thomas birthday party this June. They didn't last long.