Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Few Updates

Bullet-point style, because that's how I roll...

1.  (okay, list-style, because I can roll that way, too)  I have seen inside the truck.  It's still overwhelming, but not as tear-inducing as I had feared.

2.  They moved the driveway-destruction date from Saturday to tomorrow (Friday).  This is actually good, because once they tear up the driveway we can drive on the dirt, and so I don't have to feel bad about "wasting" Friday's unpacking time by being at work.  We couldn't be unloading anyway, while they're in destruction mode, but Saturday that project will be done (the tearing up, not the repaving), and we'll be able to park on the driveway and unload.  Phew.  Mick had asked if I could possibly take Friday off but it was pretty close to impossible for me, so I am glad things unfolded the way they did.

3.  I adjusted the auction-style review so that in my second Geometry class I gave each team "$1000" to use for bids, and then I took bids on all the questions before we allowed any presentations.  The teams were all pretty into it, and they did a surprisingly great job of keeping track of how much money they still had available for bidding.  It worked well -- and it was a lot of fun. Once again everyone got out of their seats to present, which was fantastic -- but I did forget to allow for steals ... so there are still some places where I can tighten this up a bit.  But I'd say this whole idea was a success, and it certainly went better in the second class than in the first.

That's it for me.  I am so tired my eyelids hurt.  I stayed up late to watch Nashville last night (excellent show, by the way) and then didn't sleep as well as I'd been sleeping earlier in the week.  Grey's Anatomy isn't on tonight and I am so thankful that I can go to bed before 10!


p.s.  Mick found some of my teacher boxes today while I was at work and I have already loaded up a giant boat-and-tote with some treasures.  I am so excited!! 


  1. You liked Nashville? I am currently suspending judgment, but must admit I wasn't wowed...

    1. Well, the storyline, meh. And the scenery, I can't really tell you about. But the mannerisms and language, they did a pretty good job with (even if some of the accents were heavy-handed, I thought most of them were good). So it made me miss that whole Southern lifestyle and manners and ma'ams and sirs... you know what I mean. I suppose I especially miss it since I am living in stark contrast to it right now! And besides, I adore Connie Britton.