Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mick's Back!

I didn’t tell you he was gone to begin with because, well, I’m afraid of psycho-killers (Psycho killer? Qu’est-ce que c’est?) and stalkers. But at long last, Mick went down to Georgia to get the rest of our stuff.  He left Saturday morning and got back yesterday afternoon.
Except that he wasn’t able to get the rest of our stuff.
He ran out of time and he ran out of space on the moving truck, and he’s flat-out exhausted and was ridiculously deliriously punch-drunk the past few days.
Good news:  he got most of our stuff.
Better news:  we learned that our apparent moving jinx has nothing to do with Mick’s trusty (bwah hah hah -- don't get drunk on the sarcasm!) old truck or towing, but might just have to do with Mick.  (Sorry, Mick.  I'm crossing my fingers for you, really, I am... not that it's a bad problem to have, to tell people you're not able to move them because bad things will happen.)
Remember this trip to move my sister and future brother-in-law to Florida?
And this trip to Maine with one of the big loads of our stuff?
Well, this time Mick flew to Atlanta with a friend and they rented a giant U-Haul.  And it broke down.  Three times.  They lost an entire day and a half of travel time and ended up stranded in South Carolina twice.
Mick finally arrived here yesterday afternoon, which was fantastic because he was able to pick up CAM from school.  She was expecting to have to go to after-care and was absolutely thrilled to see Mick and my dad there to pick her up at the regular time.
Oh I probably forgot to mention that.  I didn’t want to give away that Mick was gone, so I didn’t mention that my parents came into town Saturday – they came to watch WHM (and on Tuesday take him to preschool) while CAM and I went to work and school.  And, you know, to see their grandkids.  We’ve had a good week together!  (And we’ve eaten really well … WHM has a thing for the 99 Restaurant here in town and my parents were gracious enough to take us to eat there twice.  Then, when Mick came in yesterday, they took us all to Longhorn for dinner.  Not bad!)
Anyway …  now we have the daunting task of unloading the truck.  I haven’t seen inside it yet, but it’s a full-size moving truck (I'm pretty sure it's the biggest one you can rent before you hire an 18-wheeler), and it was packed by a moving company, so it’s filled to the brim in every nook and cranny with no real system except to maximize use of space.  So … I am quite dreading that project, especially because we are unloading into a house that’s already furnished, and into a storage unit that’s already largely full.  We’ve got our work cut out for us in the coming days until the truck has to be returned.
Oh yeah, and they’re tearing up the driveway on Saturday in order to re-pave it in a few weeks, so we won’t be able to unload Saturday until that’s done.
Thank goodness it’s at least a sunny day today.  Rain would be the icing on the cake!

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