Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Making a List ...

... sadly, not to check twice, but merely of things I need to blog about, and stat!

I'm still (s-t-i-l-l) working on the photos issue.  So I've used that as an excuse and been quiet lately and in the meantime I'm accumulating a list as tall as I am.

Let's start here and I promise to spend this week (a) fixing the photo thing and (b) checking things off this list:

1.  CAM's Christmas pageant
2.  our tree!
3.  WHM's Christmas concert
4.  Snow day!
5.  Parent conferences and suspended students and discipline issues, and assorted other cool and not-so-cool school things, oh my
6. Why I love Crazy 8
7.  More PW recipes that I've been totally slacking about.  And by totally slacking, I mean really.  completely. totally. slacking.
8.  Christmas cards!

Miss me?  I miss you, I really do!


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