Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Don't Understand Football*

* more precisely, college football and the BCS.

There.  I've said it.

Just like in my last post I said I was awesome, here, I'm saying I don't understand football.

"Why?" you ask.

"How on earth?" you ask.

Well, let me explain.

While everyone on earth seems to be saying what an amazing, epic game the SEC championship was this weekend, while Sport Illustrated is busy gushing about Alabama and the NY Times is, too, I am perplexed.

See, I watched that game on Saturday.

And yes, I saw some good football.  I also saw some interceptions (it's okay, it happens), some broken plays, and -- in those last crucial two minutes -- Alabama practically roll over and play dead.  I was on the phone with Mick, giving him play-by-play, and could not believe how Georgia marched down the field.  If they'd spiked the ball or had a time-out left, Georgia would have won.


Or am I just knowledgeable enough to be dangerous?

(Okay, I know, probably both.)

Yes, it was a great and exciting game.  (A little too exciting, if you ask me -- after all, I'm an Alabama fan!)

But Alabama made some mistakes and put itself in a bad position a few times, so to hear everyone talking about what a great and dominant team my beloved Tide is, well, I am resigned to the fact that I must be either

(a) spoiled by the incredible talent level of the SEC to the point where I take games like this for granted, or

(b) not quite football-smart enough.

I don't know.  I'm guessing it must be "B."  It was an excellent nail-biter of a game and goodness knows the stakes were as high as they could possibly be.  (And I feel bad, truly, for Georgia, because that was an awful way to lose, and with the stupid BCS system, they now are punished in a way that I think is grossly unfair.  Mick and I are watching the bowl selection show right now and we can't stop talking about the system and how it is awful, and not just to SEC teams; ESPN just showed what the playoff would have looked like if there was one this year, and it was beyond ridiculous in terms of hurting the SEC.  But that's for another day. The whole thing makes my head spin in confusion, frustration, and anger.  It's a bad system.  I can rant later.)  Back to the SEC Championship, though: I feel like I am missing something when I watch the press talk about the game last night as one to prove Alabama's dominance.  One for the ages, sure.  Alabama dominance?  Not so sure. 

Did any of you watch that game?  What did you think? 



  1. I don't know enough of the actual football plays and defenses and everything to be a good source on this, but it seemed like Alabama played a similar defense in the last two minutes that LSU did. I'm not sure if they change their pass protection to stop long, downfield plays or what, but it seemed like they were willing to give up first downs to stop a hail mary. Does that make sense? I would love someone who has actually played football to weigh in here :)

    1. I know ... Mick was actually not home when they were playing and I was doing the play-by-play for him and told him that they were playing deep to protect against the long pass ... but they couldn't stop anything! Oh well. Miami, here we come!