Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

I took a half day from work to be able to attend, and I am so very glad I did.  It was a big production and absolutely wonderful!  The kids (there are two kindergarten classes at CAM's school) marched in to Pomp and Circumstance.  Each teacher gave a speech about the year and then presented individual certificates.  The two classes sang a song together.  Then each student came out and read a few sentences they had written about their favorite part of kindergarten.  On the screen as they read, we got to see their work and drawings.  CAM did a fantastic job -- I've tried to post the video here, so please comment if you can't see it.  Finally, they played a big slide slow of the kids all year.  (No tears, I promise, but it was pretty cool.)  And then I raced to a meeting and afterwards, we all went to dinner.


Marching in

Getting her certificate

Reading her work.  Hers had two pages.  (That's my girl!)

checking out the crowd

smiling at Daddy

Little Man didn't quite make it.

Posing with her teacher.

CAM and Mick.

Isn't this awesome?!

So, I made this sign -- last day of kindergarten -- but really her last day was Friday, for field day.

Last Day, Part 2:  Friday's Field Day.

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