Saturday, June 8, 2013

Busy Week!

One of many so far, and hopefully many more to come.

Our schedule:
Monday:  CAM's last ballet class.
Tuesday: CAM's last gymnastics class.
Wednesday:  Jen: meeting after school.  CAM: ballet and tap dress rehearsal.  Also WHM's birthday.  Also, we needed sandals for CAM for graduation tomorrow.
Thursday: CAM's kindergarten graduation and WHM's last day of preschool.
Friday: CAM's field day and last real day of school.  Also my last day of school before the kids take finals.
Saturday (today): CAM's recital.  We had to be there at 9:15, it started at 10, and ended at 1pm.  THREE HOURS!

And now we are home kicking back and I am trying to update blog photos for everyone.

In unrelated news, I was in my pj's by 3:30.


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