Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ballet/Tap Recital

We're not allowed to take photo or video at the actual recital, but we can take as much as we want at the dress rehearsal.  I didn't bring the real camera for the dress rehearsal because I am just not that good at photography in the dark yet.  (I know it's a matter of learning settings, but let's be real: I'd rather get crummy cell phone snapshots than to have none of my "good camera" photos come out at all.  So that was my approach.  Hopefully next year I will be more skilled with the unique situation that is a dark room with fast movement.)

In any event, CAM took what they called "combo level 2" classes this year.  It's a class designed for little girls to be exposed to both ballet and tap, but who are not complete novices.  Since CAM did pre-ballet for two years in Georgia, this was perfect. 

At the dress rehearsal, I was a bit disappointed.  She was front and center, but kept looking to the girl to her left for steps.  Last year at the end of her recital, one of her friends' moms said that CAM was naturally talented, and that was 100% missing after the dress rehearsal.  Today's recital, though?  180 -degree turnaround.  She was fantastic!  Knew the routine, never looked to her neighbor ...  not perfect by any means (she's six), but she really did a GREAT job. 

Of course, we still need to work on her ego.  Much like after her baton competition, when I got backstage at the end of the show, she greeted me with, "Mommy!  We were AWEsome!"

(The photos at the end, with CAM in makeup, are from today's recital.  I took them backstage before I had to leave to go to our seats.)


An actual genuine giggle! 

Look at those eyes!

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