Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Have you ever heard the expression, "life gets in the way"? 

Well, I have no excuse except that.  It's been a busy time up here in Maine with the kids, with my job, with some trips out of town, and all of a sudden I realized today that it has been nearly three weeks since I last posted.   I've been trying to do a better job of not being at the computer all evening when I get home, but the trade-off has been that I have done no posting, and goodness -- there's a lot to post!

This is unacceptable.

And I know this because even my dad broke down and sent me an email asking me when, if ever, I intended to post again.

Sorry, friends. 

I'm sitting here in my pj's smelling muffins in the oven, getting ready to brush WHM's teeth and send him outside to play with Mick.  I've got all the laundry in the universe to do today, but my plan (and you know it's going to happen, because it is written down on my sacred To Do list!) is to write a few more posts over the next few days.

More soon!



  1. You musn't disappoint your fan base. And Dad.

  2. It is touching when someone checks in to see where the new posts that it was your dad who did it!