Wednesday, April 3, 2013

For My Loyalty

Oh, Excedrin.

As I could ever fathom being disloyal. 

You, on the other hand, abandoned me.  For a year. 

Left me alone, to make my way through this world second-rate generics. 

No one held a candle to you, Excedrin.  And still, I stood by with my stockpile, recall be damned. I risked my life for you!  Taking recalled pills with reckless abandon ... what might have happened?!  I hesitate to think.

I'm glad my love is no longer unrequited.  We've got a good thing, Excedrin.  A good, good thing.



  1. I just texted this breaking news to Marianne, as she is on vacation. I told her you broke the story here! Congrats, btw!

    1. Thanks! Marianne is the only other person I know (besides one of my sisters) who relies on Excedrin as much as I do (and who suffered as much as I did without it!)

  2. I'm baaaccck! I got my free bottle in the mail a few months ago and it FREAKED ME OUT! How did they know??? Are there little cameras in the bottle? It's like Excedrin is my dealer and was all "come know you want to..."

    Who'm I kidding? Once a junkie, always a junkie. Especially when we're talking migraines.