Monday, April 29, 2013

101 Things #63: Done! But I Need Your Help!

101 Things #63: Enter a Contest.

Done!  CAM and I were driving to school/work on Friday and changed radio stations and happened to catch a commercial for a mother-daughter lookalike contest.

The prize?  Tickets to see Taylor Swift, CAM's absolute favorite person!

"Holy cow," we thought, "this is a contest we can actually win!"

The catch?  We have to win by votes!  It's a two-tiered process.  This week, everyone can vote once a day.  The top ten vote getters by the end of the week will make it to the final round, where it basically starts all over again.

I am horrible, terrible, no good, very bad at garnering votes for stuff.  But I always vote when friends ask me to help them.  Now, I'm praying begging for a little goodwill so that CAM can win.

If there was ever a contest we were made for, this is it!

Will you please help us?

You have to register, but once you do, you can vote once a day.

Just go to this site.

Register, and then vote.  (The page is kind-of backwards.  You register, then you find us and click the little "vote" button, but you have to do a "captcha" recognition, and that's strangely at the top of the page.  It can be confusing at first, but once you've done it, it's easy -- for all the rest of the days you can vote!)  You can search for us by searching "jenred823."  You'll see us ... CAM and I sitting on the driveway.

Thank you so, so very much!!


p.s  if you have lots of voting-inclined friends, will you please ask them to vote, too?  Thank you!

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