Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Weekend...

... was busy! 

I left work Friday, picked up CAM, and she and I came home and we all relaxed.  (Well, the kids and I made a wreath, but we ran out of material for it, so it's still a work in progress.)  We had a wonderfully unremarkable Friday night (as compared to last weekend, about which I still owe you a post).  But then yesterday was crazy!  CRAZY!  We woke up and Mick headed out to do some work on his truck, and the kids and I had our usual cinnamon rolls.  And from that point forward, apparently time evaporated!  CAM and I raced to shower and get dressed, and off we went to her very first birthday party in Maine.  Hooray!  It was very different from a Georgia party, but it was so wonderful that at last, she's been invited to a party.  And she had a fabulous, wonderful, screaming, yelling, jumping, running, eating, singing, being-five-and-turning six good time.  I was so happy.  I also got to spend some time chatting with some other moms, and that was also so very wonderful.  We may not end up best friends, and we may not actually have all that much in common, but our kids do go to the same school and it was nice to talk to other parents.  Heck, I talked to more people yesterday than I have in a long time!  It felt good!

We got home, and frantically tidied and did a few things, and then my in-laws arrived and Mick and I were off to CAM's school's annual "Grande Auction."  We had no idea what to expect, really -- right down to how the dinner would go, since we only know each other and were seated at a table for eight -- but it was a TON of fun!  From 5-7 there was a silent auction, and then at 7 there was a live auction with the "big ticket" items.  (To give you an idea, the silent auction included bags and totes and cakes and gifts, ski passes, gift certificates for local establishments, that kind of thing.  The big auction included a kayak, a week's stay in a condo on Sanibel Island (FL), two four-wheelers ... you get the idea.)  We put in bids on a few things in the silent auction and ended up winning CAM's class "chair."  The look on her face when we walked in with it this morning was worth whatever we might have paid, but we actually got away relatively easily.

[photo to come -- it's too dark in here now to take a good one!]

We also ended up seated with some pretty great people and that made for a fun night.  That part of the night had some regular raffles, some whole-group games, a nice dinner, and of course the auction went on, so it was a good time.  (There was also a cash bar.  Just sayin'.)  It was nice to get dressed up and go out, and that we loved the folks at our table was the icing on the cake. Of course, we get dressed up to go out so infrequently that we actually forgot to take a photo to commemorate the event.  So I'll sum it up:  I looked amazing and so did Mick.  Got the visual?  Great!

Today, Mick and I ran some errands and then basically vegged.  CAM and I finally worked on her French bulletin board -- one of those errands was to get the board from Home Depot.  I didn't bother with the play-by-play today, but here are a few snapshots of the finished product.  Check out those fabric-covered buttons -- CAM and I made them!  If you don't have a five-year-old redhead and need a tutorial, the redheaded girl dancing all over the fabric is Fancy Nancy, and she speaks French to be extra fancy.  We love her in our house. 

It's two feet wide by 18 inches tall.  I had the plywood cut, and all the rest CAM and I did together. 

I also went deeeeep into my craft supplies (frustratingly, whatever I need always seems to be still in a box -- it's magic like that) and found my poly-fil, so I was able to finish CAM's tooth fairy pillow.  She and I had started it earlier in the week.  She designed it, I sewed it, and then we needed to find the stuffing.  We finally crossed that off today, and although I wanted to embroider her name and forgot to do it before I closed it up, CAM is thrilled with it.  Yes, my friends, the Tooth Fairy is going to visit us soon!  We can't believe it, and CAM can't wait.

CAM picked everything out, colors, thread, the works.  Don't mind the bulge by the tooth; we fixed that.  Her tooth goes in the pocket ...

... and we'll keep a little record of what tooth was lost on what dates, in the back pocket.  The blanket stitching is not perfect, but it's pretty good and we're okay with it.  It's pink.  CAM loves it. 

And that, my friends, is it.  It's 9:30 but feels like 2 am.  I am not sure I am really up for a full day of work tomorrow, and as has been the routine, I don't have a prep period because it's usurped with meetings ... but I'll make it.  I am not going to grumble about work tonight!  (I may well grumble tomorrow ... stay tuned!)


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  1. The Fancy fabric is adorable! My 12 year old found my stash of fleece after I got her what she needed for Home & Careers at school. It makes me a little sad that she has been busy creating without me, but it makes me far happier than anything!