Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Our kids love St. Patrick's Day.

This is last year.  The stripey guy in front?  That's Peeky.

Possibly my favorite picture ever.

We don't do anything particularly amazing, but they love it.  It's so wonderful to see.  They truly look forward to "Leprechaun Day" as much as they do to Christmas.  I think that's in part because the past two years, we've adopted the Southern (? I have no idea.  Is it?) tradition of waking up to a leprechaun-visited house, too.  Those leprechauns are tricksters.  Last year, all our kitchen chairs were on top of the table, our big arm chairs were flipped over, the toilet water was green, and there was green "leprechaun dust" (decorating sugar) all over.  This year, Mick and I were at the Grande Auction, so Mick's mom took on the leprechauning duties.  I forgot to ask her to take pictures, but the kids couldn't tell us enough just how crazy that leprechaun was!  TV trays were stacked on top of each other, the milk in the fridge was turned green, the couch pillows were everywhere, Bea's stroller was on top of the coffee table, and WHM's "Peeky" and "Monkey Boy"  (his "best friends," his two favorite stuffed animals) were on top of the freezer!

We also brought the kids home some treats that I made, quite literally, on the ten-minute drive from the hotel to the house.  (Thank you, Pinterest, for the inspiration.)

Rainbow Twizzlers, marshmallows, and Rolos.  Easy-peasy and so cute!

Here are CAM and WHM this year -- not exactly sitting outside in the sunshine, but still loving each other and all decked out.  Well, minus CAM's pj pants which she insisted on wearing all day.  Can't blame her - it was Maine out!

The only photo where they are BOTH looking at me!

Isn't CAM's shirt precious?  I discovered the world of "custom" kids' clothes and had this made for her.  I love it!  (WHM's super-fantastic shirt is pretty cool, too -- a Gymboree steal from last April that I've been saving for a year!  heh heh!)

Now it's Sunday night, Mick and I are watching tv, the kids are sound asleep, and I'm trying to fill you in on all the fun we've had lately.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!



  1. Your kids seriously need to be in a catlogue. And way to make me feel inferior with those awesome rainbow treats. You are on fire, lady!! (:

    1. Thanks! Maybe I will start an online campaign "my kids in a catalog, please?" Actually -- I hear you have a hook-up at a furniture store... (And the rainbow treats: CAM was sick for an entire day with neon green "yuckies" because she ate it all in the span of a few hours. Sick as in changing sheets and all TWICE overnight and missing school on Monday! So I'd say Candy = 1, Mommy = 0 on that one, big time.)