Sunday, March 17, 2013

Indoor Camping

Last weekend, Mick and I surprised the kids with an indoor campfire, S'mores, and family movie night.  We* even camped out in the living room.

Our cracking, super-warm fire.

The rocks are from CAM's collection -- much like Tiny Pteranodon from Dinosaur Train, my little CAM has a "co-wection," as her little brother calls it.  CAM has collected rocks since she could walk.  They all rest on a little end table in the living room, so it was an extra treat that we needed them for our campfire.
 We made s'mores in the oven.  Kraft makes flat marshmallows now, and we splurged on the "real" graham crackers.  We layered a cracker, a row of a Hershey bar, and a flat marshmallow, and baked at 325 for about three minutes.  Then we put the other cracker on top.  They were delicious!

(I may have put too much chocolate in each s'more ... if you're the kind of person who thinks that's even possible.)

By this point we had Bea, Peeky, Monkey Boy ... it was a campfire party! 

Our movie was Wreck It Ralph.  We turned off every light in the house, so it was as if we were at the movies -- or watching outside.  The atmosphere we created was lots of fun, and the movie itself was pretty cute.  Slow at times, but not so much so that you check the clock out.  The graphics were great, the storyline was cute, and the jokes were funny for adults and kids without being the kind of adults-only crassness that makes me cringe when they throw it in a kids' movie.  It was a family movie through and through and we loved it.  In fact, we loved it so much that we watched it again, first thing Sunday morning.

Too cold to camp in Maine?  Not for us!  And we even had an indoor restroom!


*By "we," I mean the redheads.  Certain adults among us chose to go "camp out" in the master bedroom where they could take over the entire bed without being kicked for trying to take over the entire bed.   


  1. Some unsolicited advice (I hope you don't mind) learned from this former scout leader regarding indoor s'mores...try not putting the chocolate in the oven as it gets very melty. The hot marshmallows melt it up nicely. We do a lot of microwave s'mores too...because we are just THAT impatient! :)

    1. oooh! will have to try that next time, thank you! (And please. Advice is always welcome. I'm so glad you're still sticking around and reading!)

  2. Listen to Andrea. She's like a cooking genius.

    VERY impressive - you may just inspire me (but I'm still not doing Pinterest).

    1. Why no Pinterest? Lots of new drink concoctions....