Thursday, January 16, 2014

Update on Mick

Took Mick to the doctor today.  (Had to get special permission to leave work early without taking personal time, but the permission was granted.)  I was pretty impressed with the facility and the patience of the doctor.  Mick's appointment was at 1:30 and she was with us until 2:25.

She was able to take his staples out, which was good news.  He is still not cleared for any activity other than sleeping, resting, and watching non-flashy, non-action television.  No driving, no reading -- his plan is to get as close to 100% brain rest as possible. As the ED (did you know they call it an ED and not an ER now? Apparently, as hospitals have transitioned from the open bays with curtains to separate exam rooms, they've also renamed it from an Emergency Room to an Emergency Department) doctor said last weekend, at least the CT scan confirms that Mick does, in fact, have a brain.  I know it's probably been told 99 million times, but it's funny when you need a moment of levity.

My parents are still here (a full 10% of my readership!).  Because Wednesdays are my longest work days, they took us out to dinner last night. Originally I had planned to cook something tonight, but after Mick's appointment and getting all the way home without so much as a recipe in mind, my parents were happy to pick up some fried chicken tonight.  I just didn't have it in me to go fight the grocery store battle.  My dad always says he wants to be part of the Sweet As Pie test kitchen, and inevitably every time we see my parents, I cook little to nothing!  Tomorrow we're probably taking a trip to Target, and if we can go early enough -- and if I can sustain my dad's early-bird-dinner appetite until normal eating hours -- I will hopefully be able to cook when we get home.

I can't believe it's already been the better part of a week.  At work, our quarter ends Friday and midterms are next week.  Quarter grades are due Wednesday morning, so this weekend I have an inhuman (impossible??!) amount of grading to do.  My parents are leaving Saturday morning, and my in-laws are coming for the night Saturday night.  I'm not sure what next week will bring, but at least it is a short week.

I've been swamped this week, even with having my parents here, so I've not written much. But I did cook a Trisha Yearwood recipe last week.  I am hoping to get some time this weekend to post a bit and fill in some of the details about last weekend.

Oh!  And in some more happy news, it's been above freezing most of this week!  After what has so far been a relentless winter, this respite has been wonderful.


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