Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First of ALL ...

First of all, I am clearly still working out the kinks of my wacky new work schedule.  Taking over the world takes more time than I realized.  Who knew?!

And then, FIRST OF ALL, I have been -- HAVE BEEN I ASSURE YOU! -- taking countless photos.  And not just selfies.  I've committed to sitting down this weekend and posting like a madwoman.

And then B, I started something kinda cool a few weeks ago.  By pure coincidence, I happened to post pics of CAM and WHM in the morning before I dropped them off at school two mornings in a row.  That got interpreted as "you do this all the time and I love it," so I decided to make that my happy thing, and now every morning I take a picture and share it to Facebook when I leave.  It posts somewhere between the kids' school and my own, and inevitably by lunch I have 15-20 likes.  It makes me smile, this new little "thing," but the best part of all is that it is apparently making a bunch of other folks smile, too.  Even work friends have stopped me in the hallway to comment.  It's fun, and it makes my heart happy.  I'm sticking with it ...

And then B again, work is going well, if remarkably busy.  I'm on new committees this year, I'm teaching an additional class, and I lost my "study hall," which although a duty, really meant an extra period to get stuff done (often enough, anyway).  It's a double-whammy and I'm adjusting.  In the meantime, my students are pretty great for the most part and I'm teaching classes I enjoy.

Before I go, though: is anyone missing any laundry?  I seem to have all of it.

Oh well.  If you're searching for anything, it's all in a big pile in the basement right in front of the dryer. Well, okay, next to it.  But it's all clean and smells pretty.  And might be as tall as I am.


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  1. I'm missing about 15 socks. White. Let me know if you find 'em. ;)