Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween.  Mick?  Not so much.  So, for the first few years of our marriage, we didn't do much Halloween celebrating -- except maybe having some beers with neighbors and handing out candy.  Or going to a hockey game.  But then CAM came along, and although Mick wasn't able to celebrate her first Halloween, CAM, my sister, and I all did a "family" costume.  By the time CAM was a year old, Mick was sucked into my world.  We've done a family costume every year.  We've done lobsters and lobstermen (twice, once for each of CAM and WHM's first Halloweens), the Flintstones (twice-- and NAILED it -- as in, could have won serious contests had we entered!), Gru and his minions, Brave (Merida, the king, queen, and triplets), and now this year, we put together a football ensemble.  

It's cold here in Maine.  Check that: it's cold and RAINY here in Maine, so we had to sacrifice some authenticity for warmth.  But here are a few snapshots to whet your appetite.

We've had a very busy few weeks, and I'll be posting more photos this weekend, when I can use blogging as a prize for checking piles of grading off my to-do list.


Mick was going to go as an official as well, but decided to go as a coach instead.  I had a Nick-Saban-esque straw hat in my hand last night and didn't buy it, so I was a bit disappointed.  But it works!  And be sure to check out my awesome yellow penalty flag Mick made me while I was at work today.

I took a few of these, but in this one, WHM's eyes stole the show.

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