Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sweet As Pie: A February Recipe

So ... I'm a bit late.  Wait 'til the next post, though, where I make a recipe from last August!

This was our bonus February recipe, so I'm only six months late.  It's Betty Crocker's Chocolate Raspberry Cobbler.

Hold the phones, because whatever I'm doing, it's not important.

This was two important things:




Now yes, it comes from boxes and cans, and so it's not technically from scratch, but it took almost no time at all to cook.  It's one of those things that would impress a crowd at a cookout or that you could whip up if you had unexpected dinner company, and no one would know just how easy it was.  Either way, I've had the ingredients* on hand, minus the raspberry pie filling, since February.  Our grocery stores are just weird around here, though, and I couldn't find the raspberry pie filling -- and I try at all costs to avoid our local WalMart, which I knew was the one place I was likely to find it.

Finally the other day, I just broke down and was craving something rich.

Something like chocolate.

But not just chocolate.  Something even richer, preferably with a sauce or compote.  Something decadent and unhealthy and that I was not likely to find in the fridge or a local restaurant.

And because Mick loves me, he obliged my otherwise random request to go to WalMart, and he kindly went with my tiny shopping list and found me (as I suspected would happen) the raspberry pie filling.

This was what we had for dinner that night.  (We eat healthy in these parts, I know.  But it's summertime!  We also stay up way too late and sleep equally late and who cares?!)

So, here's the deal:

Raspberry Chocolate Cobbler

Verdict: Oh, so very delicious -- and rich.  Oh, so very rich.
Cook it again:  In a heartbeat.  IF my heart still beats!
Cost factor:  $10, give or take

This recipe is very similar to another one I have from my friend Jenn.  Hers is a cherry crunch that is simple and divine -- and I don't even like cherry stuff, unless they are actual cherries.  I'll share her recipe in another post, but this one is similar in the sense that it's easy and has only a few ingredients.

You need the following:

That's Betty Crocker cookie mix, melted butter, and the elusive raspberry pie filling.  White bread is not part of the recipe... whoops!And the bottle caps are for a craft with CAM.  Sorry for the bizarre extras in this pic!

Not the brand I'm accustomed to, but very tasty.  We had to use two small cans, because they didn't have the larger size the recipe calls for.

You put the raspberry pie filling on the bottom of a baking pan, and cover it with the dry cookie mix.  On top of it, pour melted butter and spread it around.  In retrospect, you could probably use less than the full packet of cookie mix, but we had no complaints. 

Throw it in the oven and bake until it's ready.

That's it.

If I were a food stylist I'd probably add a mint leaf or something, or a raspberry drizzle in that open space on the left.  But I'm not, so I didn't.  Didn't affect the taste one bit!

We served ours with ice cream and every one of us went back for seconds.  We had a tiny bit left over, and it reheated really well and was just as delicious on day 2.  It didn't make it to Day 3.


* You know, the cookie mix and a stick of butter.  It was tough, I tell ya.

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  1. Great. Just hit 10,000 on my pedometer and now I need to bake this. NOW. You're a pal. ;)