Friday, August 2, 2013

Corn Dogs and Slides are What We REALLY Need Around Here

Earlier today, CAM was displeased with what I said we were having for lunch.  (It was quesadillas.)
She stomped up the stairs, saying, "If I was a grown up, I would make sure we had corn dogs for lunch every day."  (Mind you, corn dogs never even entered the conversation today, so this fit was a bit of a surprise to me.  And by "a bit," I really mean, "hello, random!")  I told her we didn't have any corn dogs to make or I would have been happy to.

She asked, "Why not?"

And WHM jumped in to help me:

"Because.  We have no corn, and we have no dogs. Soooo we can't make corn dogs, CAM.  That's why."

About an hour later, my mom called.  She was all excited to let the kids know that she and my dad had just bought new swing seats for the swing set at their house, and she wanted to speak with WHM.  Unfortunately, he happened to be tending to a "potty emergency."  Not two minutes later, I had WHM call her back. I told him that Grandma called to let him know that she and Grandpa just bought new swings for their swing set, and he should call to say "thank you."

He got on the phone, and as my mom said, "hello," he jumped right in:

"But, did you get a new sliiiide?  Because the one at your house is kind-of old and yucky."

My two grateful, thankful kids.  They make me so proud.


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  1. Threaten the orphanage. Usually works around here. ;)