Friday, August 9, 2013


Remember when I said I was a wee bit behind all year?  Well file this under that.

Back in December, Mick was traveling a bit for work and in order to make it work out with my own work schedule and CAM's school schedule, my parents took WHM for a week.

Around that time, it was all the rage at my own school for the students to make paper snowflakes.

What was cool about them was they weren't the folded-and-cut paper that make beautiful lace patterns -- these were three-dimensional!

Naturally, I had to have a student show me what to do, and one night CAM and I stayed up and made a whole bunch of them for the house.

We kept them up until St. Patrick's Day (I mean, it snowed in April here in Maine, so snowflakes were allowed!) and I kept telling myself I'd make a tutorial for the blog for Pinterest so I wouldn't forget how to make them next year.

It only took me 'til mid-August.

But I did it -- and here you go!

Keep in mind this example is just made with computer paper.  It makes a giant snowflake (perfect for hanging in windows), but you could also make smaller ones for a tree, and certainly you could use prettier paper.

If you make these, let me know what you think!


Be sure you don't go all the way across!  
Tip:  If you're not good at eyeballing this, break out a ruler or at least draw yourself a guide so that you stop cutting in roughly the same place each time, and so your strips are roughly the same widths.

Now, pinch together the two cut parts of the center ... 

Tape them together ...

... and turn your square over and repeat with the next set.

 Keep going ...

I used a stapler here and stapled the outsides to each other, but you could also use double-sided tape to make it prettier.


Aren't they pretty in a window?

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