Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's Twirling Season!

After a very busy week of hockey (games/clinics Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday) it was finally CAM's turn.

We could tell she was really tired of sitting through hockey and really needed some attention of her own, so today's first baton competition of the season couldn't have been more timely.

As it happened, WHM had both hockey and a birthday party, so Mick and I split our duties -- he to hockey and the party, me to southern Maine for CAM's competition.

She competed in three events: team, solo, and marching.  And she won first place in each!

(For the record, this is actually not something we wanted.  As she and I drove down this morning, she told me she was doing three things and was going to get three medals. Mick and I really don't want her to come to expect to win every time she does anything. But her team was the only one in its division, and then both other times she competed, there were only two girls in each division.  Oh well. Soon enough she'll learn that sometimes you have to lose gracefully. For now, she's delighted -- and so are we. She has been tickled pink all day, and that's important, too!)

Here are the photos. I have some videos as well but I have yet to successfully get videos from my phone to anywhere other than Facebook.

Shoot. I never took a photo of CAM wearing all three medals. I'll have to update this tomorrow!


In the morning, when we first arrived and got in costume #1. We had to be there between 8:30 and 9, so we left the house around 7:45. One of the things I really love about twirling is that we're able to use age-appropriate make-up (or none at all). I let CAM wear lip gloss and the tiniest bit of silver eyeshadow (which was rubbed off before we pulled out of the driveway) and she looked just perfect, as far as I am concerned! Time enough for mascara and the stage make-up ...

Aunt Sheila gave her a little bendy baton girl to play with as a good luck charm.

Ready to march out with her team for practice!

... and now, marching out with her team for real!

Introducing the Pixie Stix! 

After all the team events, there was a marching clinic while the results were tabulated.

Pixie Stix getting their first place medal!

Checking out that awesome medal.

Still checking it out!

Marching competition!

Watching the twirlers.
Practicing for her solo.

When they call your name, you bring a cassette tape to the judge.  The judge then keeps notes for you the entire length of your performance.  Here, CAM's dropping off her tape for her solo.

Solo!  There was no good place for me to position myself for photos, because CAM was on the far side of the gym from me.  But see that judge right there at table 3? That's Aunt Sheila. (CAM was at station 4, not to worry!)

Beaming after finishing.  She didn't nail it, but she came pretty darn close!

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